After losing the crown to Toyota, twice in three years, BMW came up with a brilliant move that would not only grab eyeballs, but would also let tongues babble about the feat of breaking two world records in one go.

The German car manufacturer wanted the title so bad, that it took the game to an entire different level. It invented a whole new refueling rig and technique to tank up a car.


Back in 2013, BMW held the record for the longest drift, which was achieved by Johan Schwartz, but the record was broken by its Japanese rival, Toyota.

The company had set its eyes on achieving the world record for the longest drift in a car for 8 long hours. In order to achieve the feat, the car would need a huge tank, which would be against the car’s dynamics.



Considering the thirsty nature of the M5’s 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8, BMW had to specially develop a new mid-drift refueling system for the sedan. The muscle car chassis experts over at Detroit Speed were tapped for the custom rig, resulting in a dry-break system much like you would find on a race car. To facilitate the refills, Matt Butts from Detroit Speed leveraged himself out the rear window of a last-gen M5, filling the record car on five separate occasions.


The engineers at Detroit Speed took inspiration from refueling a plane mid-air and thought of using the same technique while the car was in mid-drift. The refueling rig would pump in 68 litres of fuel in 50 secs , while the cars are in motion.



As an added bonus, BMW also claims the record for longest twin vehicle drift, covering 79.2 kms in one hour.

The end result: BMW set a new drifting record after 8 hours of a continual slide, covering a staggering 374.1km, whereas the previous one was just 144km! This has set a high benchmark, which will need a lot of planning, if the competitors want to beat BMW at its game.

Watch how the feat was accomplished: