While the production will be restricted to only 5 units, Italdesign says that two of ZeroUno roadsters have already made it to the customer’s garage and the other three are in its final production stage.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary at the Geneva Motor Show, Italdesign will showcase the production version of the ZeroUno roadster, which made its debut at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. While the production will be restricted to only 5 units, the company says that two of these have already made it to the customer’s garage while the other three are still in its production stage. Retailed at a whooping cost of $2.4 million ( ₹ 15.49 crore), the Zerouno roadster is the first car under the new brand Italdesign Automobili Speciali and has underpinnings from the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan.

Zero 2

The front end of the two-seater roadster is inspired by the single-seater racing cars, as the nose of the ZeroUno roadster is inspired from a six-sided polygon shape, first seen on GTZero concept-car. The spoilers with overlapping wings in the lower part of the ZeroUno roadster’s design at the front and the rear alike are suspended and help create an additional aerodynamic load. In the front, the headlamps use Full LED technology that has floating systems mounted inside the front and rear wings. At the rear, the angular outlines of the spoilers reveal the tyres and have two 80 cm wide laminar exhausts made of titanium. The bodywork is entirely in carbon fibre. The car measures 4847 mm in length by 1970 mm in width by 1204 mm in height.

Zero 3

On the inside, the ZeroUno roadster comes equipped with front and side airbags. As the exterior, the inside is also dominated by carbon fibre and can be seen on the door panels, dashboard and central tunnel. The digital cockpit houses all the car’s main controls, with three small monitors in the middle of the dashboard. Similar to the outside, the tyres used on the ZeroUno roadster are the high-performing Pirelli tyres, the P Zero, in 245/30 R20 for the front and 305/30 R20 for the back.

Zero 4

Developed around a modular chassis in carbon fibre and aluminum, the ZeroUno roadster boasts a powerful naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 engine which enables 0-100kmph acceleration in just 3.2 seconds, together with a top speed of 330 kmph. The engine comes mated to a 7-Speed dual-clutch gearbox which is controlled by classic paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.