Take a look at the Renault EZ-GO Concept. It is basically a robot vehicle which is electric and get level 4 autonomous driving ability. The focus is on ride-hailing and shared mobility.

Renault took the wraps off its EZ-GO concept at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. The EZ-GO in essence, is a robot-vehicle and a ride-hailing concept which looks at easing the congestion problem in metro cities across the world. EZ-GO is fully electric and autonomous. Renault says that the car can help become all cities smart by offering vehicle-service integration, generating data analytics, offering connected services, multi-modal services and much more. The EZ-GO could be operated by private and public companies and will cater to urban transportation. This is┬áRenault’s first concept car which focuses on mobility services. The company says that it will unveil more such concepts in the year.

Renault 1

Renault says that the EZ-GO will be available to order through a mobile app like current ride-hailing services. Also, the car can be stationed at railway stations, airports, public places etc where the people can get into it directly. The design of the EZ-GO is like that of a cocoon, with all-round visibility. Up to six people can be accommodated in the EZ-GO. The door opens upwards and a boarding ramp drops down allowing for easy ingress and egress.

Renault 2

The Renault EZ-GO gets level 4 autonomous driving ability which enables it to perform all driving functions that an average drives does. For example, driving in lane, changing lanes, maintaining distance from the car in front, turning at junctions and so on and so forth. Renault has kept the top-speed of the EZ-GO limited to 50 kmph for now. Renault employs four-wheel steering tech in the EZ-GO for better agility and increased safety.

renault 3

Renault hasn’t commented on the approximate launch date of the EZ-GO yet. The company is planning to look at collaborating with its partners Nissan and Mitsubishi for further innovations in the electric autonomous shared mobility space.