The Rimac C_Two is an electric hypercar launched by the Croatian automaker that is capable from doing 0-100 kmph in 1.97 seconds and get to a top speed of 412 kmph. The Rimac C_Two has an all-electric range of 650 kms in a single charge

Croatian automaker Rimac might not be as well known as the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world but at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, it has managed to wow the audience with their latest hypercar. But first the facts! The Rimac C_Two makes 1,887 bhp of peak power, 2,300 Nm of peak torque, has a top speed of 412 kmph and does 0-100 kmph in 1.97 seconds! And if those figures don’t peak your interest, we don’t know what will! The Rimac C_Two is the follow up act to the absolutely bonkers Rimac Concept One a limited numbers hypercar that was made until last year. Oh and by the way, the Rimac is an all-electric hypercar unlike all the other monsters making 1000+ bhp at the Geneva Auto Show.


Under the skin, the Rimac has a 120 kWh Lithium-Manganese-Nickel battery and four electric motors – one for each wheel. While the front wheels use a single speed gearbox, the rear wheels each have a two speed gearbox for maximum speed. The motors are also oil cooled since they are extremely high performance. But it is not just short bursts of acceleration or a ridiculous top speed that the Rimac is good at, it also has one of the highest possible ranges of any electric car in existence today. A staggering 650 kms on a full charge.


And it isn’t just quick in a straight line, it is quick around corners too. The Rimac C_Two has active aerodynamics plastered all around the car. An active front hood channels air from underneath the car up from the bonnet and on towards the roof for extra down force. And then there is the active rear wing that can adjust minutely while the car is in motion and turns into an air brake at the touch of a button. The underbody also has a magnitude of flaps that crate venturi effects and adds to the downforce that the Rimac C_Two makes. Even the wheels on the Rimac C_Two are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag, cool the brakes and make more downforce. In fact, the drag coefficient of the Rimac C_Two is just 0.28, which in automotive terms is very very low.


And the clever tech continues, drivers can choose between drift and what Rimac calls ‘extended drift mode’ that adjusts the torque vectoring and offers power to whichever wheel really needs it. With 72 ECUs on board, the Rimac C_Two actually does away with traditional traction control and stability control and in turn lets the more advanced torque vectoring system do all the hard work of keeping the car on the road.


The Rimac C_Two also comes completely equipped with Level 4 Autonomous readiness. The Rimac C_Two gets eight cameras, a lidar, six radars, and twelve ultrasonic sensors giving it lane assist, auto braking and self driving capabilities. The Rimac C_Two also has a mode where it can assist a driver on a race track. Essentially, through GPS co-ordinates it knows it is on a given track and helps with the best line into a corner and braking points.


And so we come to the way it looks. The Rimac most certainly follows form over function but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the nicest looking supercars around. The interior too is bespoke and can be customised to the owners tastes. And so can the rear storage area, which can also be completely removed to expose the mechanical bits underneath like most other mid engine cars get. Rimac of course have not announced the price on the new Rimac C_Two yet. But considering the performance figures it puts out, it will cost a pretty penny.