The Toyota Supra makes a comeback but as a race car and not as a road going sports car as expected. The road going car will be launched in a few months.

Supra 4

After years of speculation and wait, the Toyota Supra name is finally back. But before you get excited, the Supra name has only made its comeback as a race car and not a street car yet. Toyota marked the debut of the Supra with a new concept race car in partnership with Gazoo Racing. The new car, officially called the GR Supra Racing Concept is more or a stripped down version of the road going car that will be making its public debut in the next few months. The race car, just like the street version, is rear wheel drive and front engine.

Supra 3

The car has been made using a whole bunch of lightweight composites. The lightweight composite materials have been used to make the front and rear bumpers, the diffuser, the hood and even the side mirrors. The wing too is made out of a lightweight material. GR Racing have even swapped out the glass used to make the windscreen and side windows for a more lightweight and race ready plastic screen. The door panels too have been made from carbon fibre. The race car will actually make its racing debut not in real life but in virtual reality thanks to an upcoming Gran Tourismo video game.

Supra 2

While no other technical information is known about the car just yet, expect the road going Toyota Supra to be powered by a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with the option of a manual or an automatic gearbox. As we mentioned earlier, the Supra will be a rear wheel drive model. While the street car will have a two seater layout, the race car on the other hand has a stripped out interior with a roll cage, race seats and a racing harness. The Toyota Supra race car that has debuted at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show also features BBS centre lock wheels, which of course will be ditched for the race car in favour of more conventional 5-hole street wheels.