Kia has released teasers of the new-generation K900 sedan. It is Kia’s flagship sedan and the car will be revealed next month.

Kia has shared a couple of renderings of the second-generation K900 sedan. This will be continue to be Kia’s flagship sedan model as well. The company says that the new-generation K900 has been designed and developed in a collaborative effort by Kia’s global design headquarters in Namyang, Korea and its US design studio in California, USA. As seen in the teasers, the car has a low-slung coupe like silhouette along with flowing lines. The designers at Kia took inspiration from the ‘Gravity of Prestige’ design concept. The signature is the ‘quadric pattern’ signature grille which is the headliner on the K900 sedan. Kia says that there are 176 jewels-like ‘cells’ in the grille, which give the feel of energy emanating from the engine.

Kia 2

The other highlight up front is the ‘Duplex Comet’ headlamps which look sexy and modern. Adding to the premium-ness is the chrome strip running along the base of the doors and goes around the rear bumper as well. The tail lamps too carry the ‘Duplex Comet’ design, keeping in sync with the headlamps. At the rear you also see a bit of chrome detailing around the lights and the exhaust tips.

The current generation range of the Kia K900 gets a 5.0-litre V8 engine and a 3.8-litre V6. The new-gen model could get the same engines to begin with and could get new options too, although the company hasn’t revealed the technical details of the new-gen K900.

Kia 1

The first-gen K900 sedan started selling in 2013 and it was about time to give the car a thorough update. It will be manufactured in Korea and will go on sale in select global markets from the second quarter of 2018. Will it come to India, considering Kia has already begun operations? There is no definitive answer but we could sure hope for it. Kia will be revealing the car next month.