Rolls-Royce now offers a seat conversion for the convertible Dawn with the help of a carbon fibre tonneau cover

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a four seater convertible with a conventional folding soft top that is based on the Ghost platform. That said, although it is a much cheaper and definitely a sportier option as compared to the Phantom Drophead Coupe, Rolls-Royce has been finding it difficult to move units worldwide. So in order to add some excitement to the lineup, Rolls-Royce is now offering an option tonneau cover for the rear seats to convert the car to a two seater cabriolet instead of a four seater. The tonneau cover though isn’t just a conventional button downed piece of canvas as available on older classic cars but instead has been made from carbon fibre to keep the weight down to a minimum.

Dawn 3

The tonneau cover also features two classy hoops as a part of its design which as with all Rolls-Royce options, can be customised as per the owner’s request. The actual structure will, as we mentioned earlier, be made out of carbon fibre that has been weaved to meet in a V formation in the centre – similar to the pattern of the wood on the rear deck. The soft top on the Dawn will still be operational even with the tonneau cover on and will fold down under the wood lining behind the rear seats.

Dawn 2

 Although Rolls-Royce has refrained from making two seater production models – apart from bespoke cars made in the luxury automaker’s past, this new direction from the BMW owned British automaker could add a whole range of new and younger audiences to their target audience. Rolls Royce is also working on a large and luxurious SUV called the Cullinan that will make its debut soon.