The starting price for the Karlmann King is a whopping Rs. 14.33 crore!!

Imagine that you have really deep pockets and have a liking for SUVs. But you are looking for something exclusive, something in the league of the Lamborghini Urus or even beyond! Well, then your quest should end at the Karlmann King, the world’s most expensive SUV ever! It has been designed by a Chinese company called IAT and was built by a European team which comprises of over 1,800 people. The company says that it will build precisely 12 units of the Karlmann King but we do not know if all the models have already been booked or sold. It was first displayed at the Dubai International Motor Show in 2017.

The SUV is built on a Ford F-550 platform and weighs a portly 4,500 kg. Should you want your SUV to be bullet-proof; the weight can go up to a massive 6,000 kg. It is almost six metres in length. Under the hood is a massive 6.8-litre V10, from the Ford F-550 itself. The engine churns out close to 400 bhp, a little less for something that weighs 4.5 tonnes. This explains the lowly top speed of just 140 kmph!


As far as features go, the Karlmann King gets Hi-Fi sound, ultra HD 4K television set, private safebox, phone projection system and optional satellite TV along with optional satellite phone. Whoa! That’s some luxury right there. Plus you have additional features such as a coffee machine, electric table, independent AC at the front and rear, indoor neon light control and so on. All the creature comfort features can be controlled via a smartphone app. The wheelbase of the car is a massive 3691 mm, which means there is more than enough room for a tea party inside. The edgy exterior has been built in carbon-fibre and steel.


Coming to the price of the Karlmann King, the prices start at 1.56 million pound sterling, which roughly translates to ₹ 14.33 crore. At that price, there are only a handful of people who could afford the Karmann King. Are you one of them? If yes, get in touch with IAT now.