Based on the first MINI, the four-cylinder petrol motor from the original has made way for an electric motor and battery pack. Too bad it’s a one-off.

BMW is bringing something nostalgic to the New York Auto Show 2018 with the electrified version of the first MINI. The automaker released images of the Electric MINI that has been fully restored to its original glory. The Electric MINI is unfortunately a one-off specifically built for the NY Auto Show, but previews the brand’s electric vehicle ambitions for the future. In fact, MINI’s first electric vehicle, which will be a three-door EV, is slated to hit the market in 2019 and this exercise certainly has got our attention towards the upcoming model.

Mini 2

MINI says the classic car mixes “the brand’s unmistakable character whilst embracing zero local emission technology”. The automaker has swapped the original four-cylinder petrol engine for an electric motor and battery pack. The company hasn’t revealed details on the power output, range, charging time and so on, and calls it a singular exercise with “spontaneous power” from a single electric motor.
Mini 3

The original MINI Cooper was a hoot to drive given its compact proportions and light weight, and we reckon the electrified version will be no less fun, only emissions free this time. MINI too says that the electric version retains the go-kart feeling that is related to the original model.

Mini 4

The one-off Classic MINI Electric is finished in the bright red paint scheme with white racing stripes and auxiliary lights up front. The car also wears the new yellow electric badge on its hood in the brand emblem and on the wheel hubs.

Mini 5

The MINI Electric Concept was first announced at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, making way for the brand’s first all-electric vehicle which will be unveiled in 2019, lining up for the 60th anniversary of the classic MINI. The fully electric model is currently under development, which the company says is based on the MINI 3 Door. The new model will be produced at the British automaker’s manufacturing facility in Oxford, UK next year.

Mini 6

While the MINI Cooper Electric looks like a lot of fun, we also see this as a way to keep the older cars and even motorcycles up and running in the future. With the distinctive designs on classic models, an electric powertrain is sure to expand their shelf lives. There are companies which already do this, and we really hope the original MINI in the electric guise makes its way to the roads too.