Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota will bring the Supra sportscar back to life this year with a launch set for sometime next year.

Since Toyota announced the resurrection of the Supra, the internet is abuzz with idea of the new sports car from the Japanese carmakers. And this put to rest when the new Supra sports car was finally showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Reports suggest that the new Supra will make its road debut sometime this year, and this we can confirm since it was spotted testing on roads with production alloy wheels. This means that the much anticipated world debut will undoubtedly take place in the coming months.

Toyota discontinued the Supra back in 2002, but now, the most popular product from the company in the day is in its final year production stage. In the images, you can see that the fifth generation Toyota Supra is in its production clothing with a new two-tone alloy wheels. Wrapped in Michelin tyres, the Toyota Supra is made in conjunction with BMW and underpins the new BMW Z4. Apart from the logo at the centre of the wheels, not much can be deduced from the spy shots. However, expect some parts to be borrowed from BMW like the electronics, switchgear, wing mirrors and also the rear wheel drive system. It’ll be interesting to how different the new Z4 and the Supra will be from each other. Both cars are bound for this year launch.


Visually, the Supra is completely submerged in camouflage, however, the LED headlights are clearly visible, so are the huge air intakes. The front bumper too has extra vents on the side flanking the lightning cluster, resembling to the Toyota FT-1 concept unveiled few years ago. In profile, the Supra also gets the signature double bubble roof while at the rear it gets the prominent rear spoiler for that sportscar look. Moreover, the Supra also gets the F1-inspired central LED fog lights and the two exhaust tip. The rear bumper hosts the vertical slats on its sides.

The most fascinating part of the Supra will be it’s engine, and although Toyota is tight-lipped about what’s under the hood, reports suggest that it would most likely feature a turbocharged inline-six engine. And as we’ve already mentioned that the Supra is a collaboration between the Japanese and the Germans, expect a 3.0-litre turbo inline-six engine. With a global premiere set for this year, Toyota will launch the Supra next year. However, the company has not yet revealed which markets it intends to target this time.

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