The next-gen Mercedes-Benz B-Class is seen with a new, larger panoramic sunroof, sharper silhouette, and new multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Adding yet another name to its list of upcoming new-generation models, Mercedes-Benz was recently spotted putting the next-generation B-Class mini-MPV thorough it passes. The new images that have surfaced online reveals a heavily camouflaged test mule which still appears to be in the initial phase of development, judging by the lack of production parts on the vehicle. Among the few noticeable additions, we did manage to see the new, larger panoramic sunroof, a sharper-looking silhouette, and a set of new multi-spoke alloy wheels.


Now, with the upcoming all-new Mercedes-Benz GLB compact SUV, the company working on new B-Class might seem like a bit odd, but there is still a great deal of demand for compact MPV in the European market and B-Class is for those buyers. Like its younger sibling, the new A-Class hatchback, the next-gen Mercedes-Benz B-Class will also be based on the MFA2 platform and is likely to borrow a bunch of styling cues as well as tech from the former. The new B-Class still hasn’t received its production-spec headlamps and taillamps and same goes for the front grille, and the bumpers.


At this state, it’s too soon to comment on the interior and features, but we already know that the B-Class’ cabin too will be in line with the new A-Class, and its first-ever sedan counterpart, which was unveiled in China last month. The dashboard will surely feature the much appreciated digital displays for the instrument cluster and infotainment system. Although, whether Mercedes will offer its new AI-based MBUX a.k.a. Mercedes-Benz User Experience system or not is a bit too early to say.


Powertrain options will also be similar to the A-Class, however, it’s rumoured that the new diesel engine developed in partnership with Renault might not be a part of the package. The engines are likely to come mated to the 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission as well.

Image Courtesy: WalkoArt/Youtube