Ferrari showcases yet another one-off creation from its Design Centre – the new SP38 – made for a loyal Ferrari customer and based on the Ferrari 488 GTB. 

Ferrari has taken the wraps off yet another one-off creation – the new SP38. The Ferrari SP38 has been made as a one-off for a loyal Ferrari customer and is based on the Ferrari 488‘s underpinnings. The SP38 pays homage to the likes of the Ferrari 308 and the Ferrari F40 with subtle styling cues and will be publicly showcased for the first time at the Villa d’Este concourse d’elegance at Lake Como, Italy on May 26, 2018. The new Ferrari though is not just a pretty car to look at as immediately after the delivery to the customer at the factory in Maranello, the car was taken to the Fiorano test track for some hot laps to drove its worth.


The styling on the Ferrari SP38 is subtle as compared to the 488 and yet distinctly loud. The colour for example is a one-off shade that was developed specially for the car and is a three layer metallic red. Most of the body panels on the new SP38 have been crafted out of carbonfibre too and the new body completely changes the way the car looks and sits in terms of stance as compared to the 488. For starters, the rear end has ditched the glass engine cover in favour of a new carbonfibre slatted design similar to the one seen on the likes of Ferrari supercars from the 70s and 80s.


The rear end also pays homage to the F40 with the help of an integrated spoiler that harks back to the massive wing the legendary 80s supercar had. The front end also gets a complete redesign. While the 488 gets a very vertically inclined line and look, the SP38 is very horizontal in its design approach. Special one0off headlamps with LED daytime running lights have been crafted along with a large lip spoiler up front that pays homage to the likes of the 208 Turbo and the 308. Even the wheels have a very distinct 5-spoke design that harks back to the famous designs of decades ago.


While Ferrari hasn’t officially announced whether or not the new sP38 makes more power as compared to the standard car, the new car does have a custom made interior that uses special materials and we guess a whole bunch of carbon fibre. There is also no word on how much the new owner paid to get the SP38 commissioned, but going by past instances, we think the price tag could easily exceed 3 Million Euros.