Iconic Italian scooter brand, Lambretta, will be launching an electric scooter, while at the same time developing a new model with a 400 cc engine.

Iconic Italian scooter brand Lambretta is apparently working on a new electric scooter model which is to be unveiled later this year. Last year, Lambretta celebrated its 70th anniversary with an anniversary V-Special model, and this year, Lambretta is expected to launch three models in Australia, followed by the electric model. The V-Special is available in three types – V50, V125 and V200, and in 2019 a new 400 cc model is expected to be launched as well. The Lambretta V-Special is created by renowned Austrian design firm KISKA, which also designs the latest KTM models, as well as the Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen bikes.


Kiska has retained Lambretta’s heritage styling with features such as a steel body, fixed front fender and iconic badging. The side panels are interchangeable in different colours, and there are aluminium highlights as well as LED lights. Currently the Lambretta range is available in three engine sizes – 50 cc, 125 cc and 200 cc. A 400 cc version is also under development, as is the electric version. The company is also planning to re-introduce the iconic GP and SX classic Lambretta models at a later date.


The first Lambretta scooters were initially manufactured in Milan, Italy, by the Italian manufacturing company, Innocenti. In post-war Italy, the Lambretta scooters were quickly adopted as an affordable means of transport, due to low running costs. In India too, Lambretta scooters have had a storied past, when Automobile Products of India (API) started manufacturing the first scooters in India with the Lambretta brand from the 1950s. Initially, these scooters were assembled from Innocenti kits and sold under the Lambretta name and later rebranded as MAC and Lamby scooters during the 1970s in India. Declining sales due to competition, and recession resulted in the Lambretta-origin scooters go out of production in the 1980s.