Alfa Romeo has announced that it will be bringing back the legendary GTV and 8C marques by 2022. Both cars will have a hybrid tech and both will be offered with all-wheel-drive.

Sports car fans rejoice! Alfa Romeo is bringing back two of its most legendary sports car names – the GTV and the 8C. Both sports cars will be launched in the next four years and will feature modern hybrid tech, along with Alfa-Romeo’s tried and tested internal combustion engines. Both cars will also offer level three autonomous technology as will be the case of every Alfa Romeo by 2022 and will have connected car tech too. This will mark a return to the supercar segment for Alfa Romeo as well as a return to the 2+2 sports car segment that the Italian brand has had a notable presence in the past in.

Alfa 1

Lets start with what we know about the new 8C. The Alfa Romeo 8C will replace the 4C as the flagship model in the range but will be considerably more expensive and be made in limited quantities – just like the last generation 8C. We expect Alfa Romeo to also build a cabriolet model for the 8C. The supercar will have a carbonfibre monocoque chassis and will feature a mid-mounted, twin-turbo (most likely V6) engine. While the engine will drive the rear wheels, the front wheels will be driven by an electric motor thereby giving the new 8C all wheel drive. The new Alfa Romeo 8C will make over 700 bhp of peak power and will go from 0-100 kmph in less than 3 seconds – putting it squarely in Ferrari 488 territory. That said, while the Ferrari is a bit more aggressive and pointy, the Alfa will most certainly lean towards the GT side of things – even with the mid-engined characteristics.


And now the one that excites us more – the return of possibly one of the most legendary name plates in Alfa Romeo history – the GTV. The new Alfa Romeo GTV will be a 2+2 seater and will most likely be based on the same platform as the Giulia Quadrofoglio. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the GTV will be the coupe version of the sedan that has been winning hearts and breaking lap times around the world. The GTV will also offer all-wheel-drive with torque vectoring and will have an E-Boost feature to offer a little more torque and power when the driver really needs it. All in all, these two new sports cars from Alfa Romeo will certainly go a long way in adding a little more zing to the legendary brand and we do hope FCA considers finally bringing it to India.