Jeep has announced a special off-road package for the Cherokee range called the ‘Deserthawk’. The Deserthawk will essentially be a higher spec variant like the Trailhawk.

American SUV maker Jeep is known primarily for cars that can go anywhere -literally. And at the top of most model ranges sits an off-road package called the ‘Trailhawk’. Designed to take on rough terrain like rocks, mud and everything else in between, the Trailhawk offers add-on bits like heavy duty suspension, metal hooks integrated into the bumpers and bigger wheels and tyres. And now, Jeep has announced that it will offer a second speciality off-road package to buyers – this one for off road use too but for a different purpose – the ‘Deserthawk’. The Deserthawk package will most likely be available on the likes of the Cherokee platform.


Essentially a lineup to take on the likes of the Ford Raptor, the new Jeeps with the Deserthawk package are expected to get desert running capabilities and will not be tuned for more hardcore off road use like rock crawling. The first Deserthawk badged Jeeps will be launched in 2020 and will be about $5-10,000 more expensive than the standard cars putting it about the same price or slightly higher than the Trailhawk models.

Jeep says that the Deserthawk will have ‘ultimate Jeep high speed off-road capability’ for cross country desert use. Jeep has also gone on to say that these Deserthawks will have 8 specific changes under the skin that will make them ideal for sand running. Expect special suspension to deal with high speed jumps and of course, a lot more power from the standard engine to give it that wee-bit extra oomph.