Ducati has launched the Ducati Link app across the globe. It is free of cost and can be used for various purposes.

Ducati has launched a new dedicated app for its customers called the Ducati Link. Like other motorcycling apps, the Ducati Link too can be paired to a bike via Bluetooth and offer the user all sorts of information such as lean angles, power delivery, acceleration and other stuff as well. Apart from this, the user can also use the smartphone’s GPS and record the route of your motorcycle ride and also integrate photos, videos, and comments and so on. Additionally, you can also use the app to share details of your ride along with tips, suggestions, photographs with other Ducatisti all over the globe.

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“The launch of the Ducati Link App is another step forward in the company’s digital transformation process”, comments Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati. “The application has been designed to be a tool enabling constant dialogue between bike and rider. Thanks to the connection between bike and smartphone, the rider will be able to enjoy an increasingly engaging driving experience, transforming each trip into a memory to be shared and relived at any moment. We are particularly happy to have been able to develop this technology with a partner like e-Novia, an impressive, dynamic Italian company, in further confirmation of the ingenuity and technical skills that characterise and distinguish our country.”

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The app was developed by Ducati in collaboration with ‘e-Novia’, which is company based in Milan that sets up and develops hi-tech companies. Ducati says that the Ducati Link app is available for all motorcycle enthusiasts and not only Ducatisti. Recording and sharing of photos, itineraries are not dependent on connection to the bike. At present, the data exchange between the app and the bike will happen only on the newly launched Ducati Multistrada.

One can download the app from iOS or Android PlayStore too. The app is free of cost but you will have to register with the same.