This is the second time that the 155 cc Yamaha Aerox scooter has been spotted in India. Will it be launched in India? We highly doubt it.

The 155 cc Yamaha Aerox scooter has been spotted in India again. This time proudly standing at a dealership! It was earlier spotted at a dealership in India in January 2018. If you look at it the usual way, it might seem as if Yamaha is getting ready to launch the Aerox 155 in India. We believe its purpose in India is to be used as a way to build up the brand and also get some customer feedback. Yamaha is clear that it wants to focus on mass-market models and not the big bikes. This is why you hardly see Yamaha launching big bikes from its rather good global portfolio, in India.


Talking about the Aerox 155, the scooter is a premium offering from Yamaha and is loaded with features such as a 5.8-inch digital instrument display, twin LED lamps, mobile charger, keyless ignition and a single channel ABS as well. In fact, it uses the same engine as the Yamaha R15 Version 3′ VVT-equipped unit. This means that the scooter will have solid performance. The engine on the Aerox makes 14.8 bhp and 13.8 Nm of peak torque, which is miles ahead of any other 150 cc scooter we have in India such as the Aprilia SR 150 and the Vespa 150 range.


The problem that we figure is pricing. To be honest, none of the 150 cc scooters are big-sellers. You might see a one-off SR 150 here and there but when it comes to volumes, the Aerox 155 does not make sense for the Indian market and volumes is exactly what Yamaha is playing for, especially when there is huge market for gearless scooters in India but, the key word being affordable.


If the Aerox 155 is launched in India with all the features and the bling, expect it to cost upwards of ₹ 1 lakh, easily. We doubt how that makes sense for Yamaha to launch it in India. Sure, we would love to see the scooter being launched in India, but our guess is that the Aerox 155 will not be coming to India anytime soon.