The Tronx One e-bike is priced at Rs. 49,999. The deliveries will begin next week onwards.

Tronx Motors, a part of the Smartron Company, has launched what it calls the first smart crossover bike in India. It is called Tronx One and it has an introductory price of ₹ 49,999 only for a limited number of units and pre-orders. The deliveries and the shipping of the bike will begin next week onward. The Tronx One has been designed and developed in India. It is basically a bicycle with an electric motor. The bike has a 250 W motor at the rear hub and also a lightweight and detachable 36 V 13.6 Ah Lithium 500 W battery. The Tronx One has a range of 50 kilometres on continuous throttle mode on a single-charge and up to 75-85 kilometres on electronic gear assist mode. The bike has a top speed of 25 kmph when riding on electric power.


Anoop Nishanth, Founder and CEO, Tronx Motors said “Tronx One is developed in India by a passionate team of designers and engineers and we are very excited to launch it for Indian consumers. With unique features such as advanced detachable lithium battery technology powered by advanced Samsung cells which is designed to carry and charge, the product is an ideal companion for the consumer as it offers a powerful and fun riding experience powered by the tronXTM ecosystem. We are receiving great initial response from the market and have already closed the first batch of pre-bookings.


The Tronx One gets multiple riding modes, 3 electric gears and 6-speed Shimano shifters. The bike is built from premium aerograde alloy, which is used in the construction of aircrafts. Also, it is lightweight and rust-proof. Tronx will also offer a smartphone app called ‘TBike’ which can be paired with the Tronx One bike and can be used to view information such as range, number of kilometres cycled, number of calories burnt and so on.