Ahead of the official unveiling of the 2019 Porsche 911, spy pictures showcasing the new sportscar in all its (undisguised) glory have now surfaced!

The Porsche 911 is possibly the world’s most recognisable sportscar with over 50 years of heritage. With the current 991 gen at the end of its life cycle with the 991.2 series, Porsche is now getting ready to launch its successor, possibly codenamed the 992 series. And now, just before the official unveiling of the new sportscar, spy pictures showcasing the car in all its (undisguised) glory have now surfaced! And as with every single 911, there has been quite the debate on how the car looks and how the 911’s design language has evolved with this new and thoroughly updated generation.


Up front, the Porsche 911 gets bigger grilles than ever before with an almost Panamera/Cayenne like treatment. You also get a sculpted bonnet, much like the one on the Porsche 930 Turbo. The traditional fender haunches, round / oval headlamps and swooping coupe silhouette, of course, stays similar – as expected from Porsche. The rear though gets the biggest update with a set of tail lamps that run across the width of the car – again, like the Panamera and the Cayenne. The 911 also gets a set of quad exhaust pipes which leads us to believe that this particular version could be the 911 Carrera S and not the standard Carrera that only gets a dual exhaust.


The third tail light, which in the 991 series, was over the engine cover, has also been moved to the engine cover itself and as with the previous generation, the car features an electronic spoiler that completely folds away into the bodywork making the design as smooth and traditional as possible. We also love the new multispoke BBS-like wheel design that makes the 911 look as classic as ever!


On the inside, the changes will also be quite extensive with Porsche expected to finally ditch the trademark centrally mounted tachometer for an all-digital console. Of course, the car will still sport the centrally mounted tachometer on the digital screen. Under the bonnet, the Porsche 911 will feature a turbocharged engine across the range with possibly the extension of the new GT3, which will come sometime in the future.

Image Source: Motor1